R&D plan

With the development of the economy, changes in the natural ecological environment, and changes in the lifestyle and diet of modern people, chronic diseases often occur unconsciously without knowing it. Chronic diseases cause problems such as reduced quality of life and increased burden on medical resources. How to prevent chronic diseases Happening will be one of the important subjects of modern people. In view of this, the starsci R&D team is committed to the research on the prevention of metabolic syndrome, cancer and other chronic diseases, hoping that the R&D results will bring more benefits to the public.

Five-star anti-epidemic tea-starsci anti-epidemic tea
Why is it called a five-star anti-epidemic tea? Because the source of raw materials of starsci anti-epidemic tea is the only Chinese herbal raw material that comes from organic farms and ecological cultivation among all anti-epidemic teas in the world, and each raw material belongs to the same source of medicine and food announced by the Food and Drug Administration, which is suitable for the long-term in the post-epidemic era Drink it safely to increase the body’s defenses and reduce the risk of infection.
starsci anti-epidemic tea is invented and produced by Professor Guo Yaohao from the National Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a research and development member of Taiwan Qingguan No. 1.

starsci anti-epidemic tea and Qingguan No. 1
The same point: both have the same pharmacological mechanism of preventing and treating new coronary pneumonia.
Differences: The formula of starsci anti-epidemic tea, all the ingredients including perilla, mint, houttuynia cordata, jelly jelly, astragalus root, licorice, and ginger are all ingredients announced by the Food and Drug Administration that can be used for both medicine and food. However, only 40% of the formula composition of Qingguan No. 1 is medicinal and edible raw materials, so Xingke Anti-epidemic Tea can be used as a health tea for daily prevention and treatment of new coronary pneumonia.

Statistics from the Department of Health show that in 1999, hypertension (Hypertension) returned to the top ten causes of death, and more than 4,000 people died of hypertension-related diseases throughout the year. According to the survey of the Heart Foundation, more than half of the people over the age of 45 in Taiwan suffer from Hypertension, because the symptoms are not obvious, is often ignored by patients. However, increased arterial blood pressure can easily lead to stroke, aneurysm, heart failure, myocardial infarction and kidney damage. Hypertension has become the most important chronic disease of modern people.

SSB001 is extracted from traditional herbal medicine of Taiwan aborigines and has the effect of lowering blood pressure. The Starsci R&D team cooperated with academic institutions to conduct animal pharmacology studies, and the results showed that the blood pressure of hypertensive rats fed SSB001 was significantly reduced. In the future, the mechanism of lowering blood pressure and other cardiovascular protective effects will be further explored.

三酸甘油脂 (Triglyceride) 是重要脂質之一,又稱為中性脂肪,其來源是由腸道吸收食物中的脂肪及由肝臟合成,正常值為25至150 mg/dl之間。現代人飲食不均衡,無形中常攝取過多脂肪,加上生活忙碌缺乏運動,很容易造成肥胖並伴隨高三酸甘油脂血症。三酸甘油脂過高,容易引起肥胖性高血壓、糖尿病、脂肪肝、心臟病、中風等疾病。


糖尿病 (Diabetes) 是一種代謝異常的慢性疾病,主要是由於胰島素分泌不足或功能低下。世界衛生組織2011年的報告中指出全世界約有3.46億人患有糖尿病,台灣地區的糖尿病以第二型為主,致病機轉主要是由於身體周邊組織對胰島素的敏感性降低,使身體出現高血糖症狀。如果糖尿病沒有得到良好的控制,可能會引起一些併發症如心血管疾病、慢性腎衰竭、視網膜病變、神經病變及微血管病變。


發炎反應 (Inflammation) 係指生物組織對損傷因子所產生之防禦機制,受傷的組織細胞會釋出組織胺,刺激周圍的血管,導致局部血管擴張,使該部位血流增加,產生紅、熱之症狀;微血管通透性增大,使血漿滲出增多造成腫脹,壓迫神經導致疼痛。過度發炎或長期慢性發炎會對人體造成傷害,目前已被證實癌症、糖尿病、心血管疾病、阿茲海默症等多種慢性病都與慢性發炎關係密切。