R&D Plan

With the development of the economy, changes in the natural ecological environment, and changes in the lifestyle and diet of modern people, chronic diseases often occur unconsciously without knowing it. Chronic diseases cause problems such as reduced quality of life and increased burden on medical resources. How to prevent chronic diseases Happening will be one of the important subjects of modern people. In view of this, the Starsci R&D team is committed to the research on the prevention of metabolic syndrome, cancer and other chronic diseases, hoping that the R&D results will bring more benefits to the public.

Five-star anti-epidemic tea-Starsci anti-epidemic tea
Why is it called a five-star anti-epidemic tea? Because the source of raw materials of Starsci anti-epidemic tea is the only Chinese herbal raw material from organic farms and ecological cultivation among all anti-epidemic teas in the world, and each raw material belongs to the same source of medicine and food announced by the Food and Drug Administration, which is suitable for the long-term in the post-epidemic era Drink it safely to increase the body’s defenses and reduce the risk of infection.
Starsci anti-epidemic tea is invented and produced by Professor Guo Yaohao from the National Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a research and development member of Taiwan Qingguan No. 1.

Starsci anti-epidemic tea and Qingguan No. 1
The same point: both have the same pharmacological mechanism of preventing and treating new coronary pneumonia.
Differences: The formula of Starsci anti-epidemic tea, all the ingredients including perilla, mint, houttuynia cordata, jelly jelly, astragalus, licorice, and ginger are all ingredients announced by the Food and Drug Administration that can be used for both medicine and food. Only 40% of the formula of Qingguan No. 1 is raw materials for both medicine and food, so Starsci Anti-epidemic Tea can be used as a health tea for daily prevention and treatment of new coronary pneumonia.

Statistics from the Department of Health show that in 1999, hypertension (Hypertension) returned to the top ten causes of death, and more than 4,000 people died of hypertension-related diseases throughout the year. According to the survey of the Heart Foundation, more than half of the people over the age of 45 in Taiwan suffer from Hypertension, because the symptoms are not obvious, is often ignored by patients. However, increased arterial blood pressure can easily lead to stroke, aneurysm, heart failure, myocardial infarction and kidney damage. Hypertension has become the most important chronic disease of modern people.

SSB001 is extracted from traditional herbal medicine of Taiwan aborigines and has the effect of lowering blood pressure. The Starsci R&D team cooperated with academic institutions to conduct animal pharmacology studies, and the results showed that the blood pressure of hypertensive rats fed SSB001 was significantly reduced. In the future, the mechanism of lowering blood pressure and other cardiovascular protective effects will be further explored.

Triglyceride (Triglyceride) is one of the important lipids, also known as neutral fat. Its source is the fat in the food absorbed by the intestine and synthesized by the liver. The normal value is between 25 and 150 mg/dl. Modern people have an unbalanced diet, often eat too much fat virtually, coupled with busy life and lack of exercise, it is easy to cause obesity and hypertriglyceridemia. Excessive triglycerides can easily cause obesity-induced hypertension, diabetes, fatty liver, heart disease, stroke and other diseases.

The Starsci R&D team screened about 40 kinds of agricultural raw materials and found that SSB008 has a significant blood lipid-lowering effect. It cooperated with academic institutions to conduct animal pharmacological studies. The results showed that the triglycerides of rats fed SSB008 were significantly reduced. In the future, we will further explore its related mechanisms and apply for patents.

Diabetes is a chronic disease of metabolic abnormalities, mainly due to insufficient secretion or function of insulin. According to the report of the World Health Organization in 2011, about 346 million people in the world suffer from diabetes, and the type 2 diabetes in Taiwan is mainly the second type. Symptoms of hyperglycemia occur. If diabetes is not well controlled, it may cause some complications such as cardiovascular disease, chronic renal failure, retinopathy, neuropathy and microangiopathy.

The Starsci R&D team has purified more than 50 pure compounds from SSB011, cooperated with academic institutions, and used the in vitro model of mice to conduct glucose uptake tests to evaluate their hypoglycemic activity. The results show that the compounds of SSB011 have a good effect on promoting glucose absorption. Has entered the patent application stage.

Inflammation refers to the defense mechanism of biological tissues against injury factors. Injured tissue cells will release histamine, stimulate surrounding blood vessels, cause local blood vessels to expand, increase blood flow in the area, and produce red and hot symptoms. Symptoms: Microvascular permeability increases, resulting in increased plasma exudation resulting in swelling and compression of nerves resulting in pain. Excessive inflammation or long-term chronic inflammation can cause harm to the human body. It has been proven that various chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer’s disease are closely related to chronic inflammation.

SSBCWSM2 is a purified product obtained by extracting and purifying unique plants in Taiwan. The structure is confirmed by spectral analysis, and it is planned to be further synthesized in large quantities. The Starsci R&D team cooperated with academic institutions to use LPS to induce RAW264.7 cells to produce NO, conduct anti-inflammatory experiments, and detect compounds

SSBCWSM2 inhibited the production of NO to evaluate its anti-inflammatory potential. The results showed that the compound SSBCWSM2 had a significant inhibitory activity on NO production and had no effect on cell survival. The mouse ear smear test was further carried out, and the results showed that the compound SSBCWSM2 had the effect of significantly inhibiting the inflammation and swelling of the mouse ears, and other immune-related tests are currently underway. Currently patent pending.

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