Starsci Biotechnology has an excellent team and first-class equipment. In addition to developing high-quality products of our own brand, we also provide OEM services for health food; we can also conduct research and development and design of professional formulas for health food according to customer needs, and provide ODM project services , to assist customers in building effective products. In addition, services such as food inspection and analysis, separation and purification of natural product index components are also provided.

Starsci Biotechnology is a domestic professional foundry, providing customers with overall solutions, and producing various dosage forms of finished and semi-finished products on behalf of customers. Our quality, technology and ability are deeply recognized by customers.

Food OEM​

COA basic inspection of product raw materials, to determine whether the source of raw materials is safe, whether there are inspection reports for raw materials, interpretation of clinical experiment data, patented technology, extraction, embedding, invention…, taste and taste of raw materials, water molecule data, compatibility of various raw materials, particle size Diameter size analysis, combined with sensory proportioning, temperature control, humidity control, clean room production, packaging of finished products, inspection by notary units, and product listing, all details are strictly checked.

Professional inspection items: food inspection, heavy metal inspection, pesticide inspection

Adhere to the spirit of localization, return the results to the public, assist enterprises in self-management, and jointly pursue the health and happiness of the Chinese people. Our core values ​​are: integrity, innovation and social responsibility.

The components of botanical medicines are often derived from plants and are usually prepared as complex mixtures, so they have higher variability than ordinary chemical medicines. Therefore, in terms of chemical manufacturing control, a series of tests and controls must be used to ensure its Origin, purity, quality, potency, potency and consistency.

During the development process, it is usually possible to increase the content of active ingredients and reduce possible toxic ingredients by adjusting the process conditions. Manufacturing process and control, such as the processing procedure of medicinal materials, the amount of medicinal materials used in the preparation of raw materials,
The temperature and time of equipment, solvents, mixing, grinding, extraction and/or drying, etc., as well as a detailed description of the finished product manufacturing process, must be provided during the submission review, in order to ensure the quality consistency of the finished product.