R & D Center

R & D Center

Biotechnology is an industry centered on research and development, which requires not only a large amount of funds but also professional talents.
The R&D team of Xingke is mainly composed of doctors and masters in medicine, natural chemistry, biology, etc. and clinical physicians, and the R&D team composed of experts from the consultant group is committed to the research and development of healthy food and new plant drugs.

  • Natural product chemistry group: extract, purify and identify natural products and other active ingredients of Chinese herbal medicines, and innovate and develop compound products.
  • Pharmacological activity group: Establish a platform for screening drugs related to anti-inflammation, anti-cancer, anti-oxidation and metabolic syndrome.
  • Analysis and inspection group: use HPLC and LC-MS instruments to conduct quality control inspections such as raw materials, product index components, pesticide residues, plasticizers, and Chinese herbal medicine components.

lead professor

Profile of Professor Guo Yaohao​

  • Former researcher group leader of the National Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Taiwan Qingguan No. 1 R&D team member
    Adjunct Professor, Institute of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, China Medical University
  • Master and Ph.D. supervisor professor of Beijing Medical University, Higher Medical College, and National Taiwan University
  • Published more than 250 academic papers related to Chinese herbal medicine