sugar friendly

Wen Shan Tea​

Taiwan’s patented variety of bitter gourd, plus the golden ratio of aescin and wolfberry.

Jujube tea​

sugar friendly

Oil glycerin is one of the three health-care plants designated by the United Nations Health Organization, and has the title of “super fruit”.

Anti-Epidemic Tea​

In the face of external risk factors, the best defense health tea, caffeine-free, is suitable for pregnant women, children and seniors.

Wen Shan Bitter Melon Capsules

Taiwan’s professional Lipinshan bitter gourd ensures that the effectiveness of raw materials remains unchanged, organically grown, and the quality is reassuring.

Yixianpei Probiotics

Contains 11 kinds of patented probiotics, plus bitter gourd essence powder as a good probiotic, it is a good promoter of health.

Le Shu Teng capsule

Contains Taiwan yellow vine extract, natto extract, rhodiola rosea extract, Canadian natural yeast powder, top ingredients from all over the world, multiple maintenance, giving you the most stress-free health care choice

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