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    Biological Technology

    Starsci founded in August 2011, combined with masters and doctors in the fields of medicine, natural chemistry, biology and clinicians to form a professional top R&D team.

  • care
    human health

    In addition to making good use of research and development technology to create the greatest value in enhancing life and health products, it also plays an important role in sustainable management, maintaining natural resources and improving human life.

  • develop
    quality products

    Adhering to the belief of integrity and innovation, coupled with strict quality control, we are committed to the research and development of new plant medicines and health foods, so as to continuously provide high-quality products that improve health as our goal.

Latest Products

Five-star anti-epidemic tea

Starsci Anti-epidemic tea

Why is it called a five-star anti-epidemic tea? Because the source of raw materials of Xingke anti-epidemic tea is the only one among all anti-epidemic teas in the world, all the raw materials of Chinese herbal medicines come from organic farms and ecological cultivation, and each raw material belongs to the same source of medicine and food announced by the Food and Drug Administration, which is suitable for the post-epidemic era Long-term safe drinking to increase the body’s defenses and reduce the risk of infection.


Healthy Food

Formula development

professional inspection

R & D of new plant drugs


The company takes health food research and development and quality control as...


On January 8, 2012, participated in the Spring Festival Gala in Sanmin Distri...